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New Active Links

All books pages now have active links to where they can be obtained. At those sites, you can preview the first few pages. Enjoy!

Time Weaver

Building sand castles in the wind,

Invisible footprints through trackless time,

Though they disappear before the eye,

Never from the mind.


Weaving thoughts with gossamer threads,

Picking daisies in warm sunshine,

Dreaming yesterday’s dreams,

Savoring tomorrow’s sweet wine.


Are daydreams tomorrow’s reality?

Is reality but today’s simple dream?

Is either necessary or really wanted?

Are they really what they seem?


Don’t lock our soul in reality’s prison.

Let our minds forever be open

To wander without restraining fetters,

Enjoying the many colors of Life’s Prism.


Throw off your earthbound shackles.

Let closed eyes open to see.

Wander through the world’s many wonders.

Yes, come now and journey with me.


This is a poem in Autumn Leaves.

The Power of One is now up and running on Nook

Hurrah! The Power of One is now available on Nook! This is just the first, with the others to follow. Yes! Take a look at it.

The Power of One is now being processed by Nook

Keep your eyes on this one:  Just finished uploading The Power of One onto Nook! This gives us another venue and improves availability to more readers.


Time–More precious than silver.

Time–More precious than gold.

Time–Drags its heels when you’re young.

Time–Evaporates so fast when you’re old.


Time has no equal or opposing force.

It is indifferent and unrelenting,

Being neither kind nor unkind–

Yet it is always certain.


While it is the master of nothing,

All things are regulated by its dominion

To a predestined appointment.

Time is disposable–can only be used once,

And once used, is gone forever.


Regardless of wealth, no one can purchase one second.

Regardless of power, one cannot extend an hour,

Day, week, month or year by one minute.

Once life runs its course, it’s finished.


Time is no more. So remember:


Time–More precious than silver.

Time–More precious than gold.

Time–Runs the same for the young.

Time–Runs the same for the old.


This is my very first post. I have recently published on CreateSpace my first book to appear in print: The Power of One. It will join the other books which I have published on Amazon’s Kindle: The Power of One, The Power of Two (Sequel to The Power of One), Autumn Leaves, Smoking Earth River, and Dah-A-Sah. I plan to get all of these onto the Nook in the near future. It is a very exciting time. Stay Tuned, as three more books are in the line-up, ready to be edited and typed. They are: The Wishing Well, The Seedlings, and Genesis Valley. Look forward to them as they will be completed as soon as is practicable – but that does take a while.  🙂 Stay Tuned. Enjoy all the others in the meantime!

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