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Innate Tenacity

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Beautiful silver kings from ocean depths,

Trying to fulfill your dreams,

Battling white water currents

Over obstacles in the streams.


What trials upstream await you,

Hearkening Nature’s call?

You splash and crash over gravel and rock,

Straining to reach the falls.


Man’s net catches and thwarts you;

Bears struggle to make of you a meal.

Still upstream you strive, caught in the throes

Of Nature’s relentless peal.


Urgency of regeneration makes you

Oblivious to outside sensation.

Instinct to spawn, twilight or dawn

Propels you forward to your destination.


This thought comes from Autumn Leaves:


We have become so sophisticated that we bore

Ourselves and others around us.

We cannot find the pathway back to simplicity

Which frees our mind.

Could we find the path, we could laugh at simple jokes

And enjoy simple but pleasant times.

Rainbows and Waterfalls

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Stillness broken only by water sounds,

Cascading against the rock.


Time seems to linger here

As God’s watery finger turns back the clock.


I sit in awe at such magnificent wonder…

A rainbow adorns rising spray.


In my mind, as clear as chimes,

Haunting Indian flute notes linger far away.


An invisible hand, long before man,

Has carved and painted this land.


Man was then formed and given birth

To enjoy rainbows and waterfalls on Mother Earth.

White Water

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Mighty canyon river coursing through

Millions of years of life.

You are truly a highway through the

Rugged wilderness.


Your quiet stretches of tranquil water

Soothes my nerves and is tonic to my mind.

Your white water turbulence excites me

And offers me its cold spray challenge.


Aquatic life inside you offers

Boundless pleasure to my hand and palate.

Teeming life along your shores

Bring beauty to tired eyes.


Though I don’t see you often enough,

You’re never far from my mind.

Of all man’s known treasures,

You are cherished above all.


When I’m gone, you’ll still be there

For all to come and see.

This thought gives me pleasure.

Maybe you’ll find more friends like you and me.

Remember When

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


The way we were blends

Into the way we are.


The way we are

Becomes the way we were.


The way we were becomes

“Remember when?” And


In each other’s eyes

We’ll be young again!

Final Metamorphosis

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

I’m soaring now,

All is well.

As I glance down

On a worn-out shell.

I hear moans and crying.

What’s it all about?

Everyone wants to weep,

Yet I wish to shout.

Inside, looking out,

Now I’m outside looking in.

Bright, fresh beginning,

Freedom without end.

No more headaches

Or pain exist here.

Fresh new world,

Full of laughter and cheer.

Over the old earthly cocoon

You weep and moan,

But transfiguration is complete —

The butterfly has flown.

Spirit form unfettered,

At last completely free,

So why all the sorrow?

At last, “I am free!”

I Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

This thought comes from Autumn Leaves:


I Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

And a horse named Opportunity

Gallops off into the sunset

Carrying an empty saddle!


This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Paint with strokes of love,

Brush warmth of summer sun,

Birds fluttering all about,

And clear, blue skies above.


Paint happy trees, merry streams,

Stroke in children’s laughter,

Happy dogs and cats,

Lemon light of drowsy dreams.


Stroke in cool, green grass,

Quiet, existing limpid pools,

Browns of a robust mountain;

Blend them like sands in an hourglass.


Paint no sadness on life’s canvas,

Her presence already abounds;

Life is loaded with her morass,

So…just paint in happy sounds.


This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Friends are those

Who’ll share joy or troubles.

With the help of friends,

One’s strength doubles.


Friends who listen

To both problems and trial,

No argument, cajoling,

No attempt to beguile.


Friends are those tested,

Who rise to the task

Answer the call,

Lending support without being asked.


Helping each other when necessary,

No apology or amend.

It’s easy to share troubles

With a close, cherished friend.


Living without friends

Is true sadness indeed,

For they share in your joy,

Sympathize with your need.


Remember — friends can’t be purchased,

For, if they could, what price?

To stand solidly beside you

Thirty times thrice.


This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


To move unfettered in air so rare and pure,

Beneath or above endless banks of clouds.

Unshackled to soar in mind and spirit

To remove earth’s burdensome shroud.


Could an eagle speak, would he

Hold us in contempt or in utter disdain,

Poor earth-bound creatures, animals of habit,

Foul air, daily tasks mundane.


Spread mighty silver wings,

Soar above the patch-work quilt pattern below.

Fly softly, free spirited,

But fly reverently as you go.


Diminished horizons, skies blue and clear,

Atmosphere charged with laughter,

Intangible, invisible

Because other spirits linger here.


To leave earth’s cluttered pull, to explore, to seek,

To know, to find lasting contentment,

To search out the truth of the universe

And to know God is man’s essence and ultimate destiny.

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