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White Water

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Mighty canyon river coursing through

Millions of years of life.

You are truly a highway through the

Rugged wilderness.


Your quiet stretches of tranquil water

Soothes my nerves and is tonic to my mind.

Your white water turbulence excites me

And offers me its cold spray challenge.


Aquatic life inside you offers

Boundless pleasure to my hand and palate.

Teeming life along your shores

Bring beauty to tired eyes.


Though I don’t see you often enough,

You’re never far from my mind.

Of all man’s known treasures,

You are cherished above all.


When I’m gone, you’ll still be there

For all to come and see.

This thought gives me pleasure.

Maybe you’ll find more friends like you and me.

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