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All that we see is oftentimes more than it appears…

All that appears is usually not the sum total of the whole…

And what the eyes can see isĀ  often very deceiving…

Consequently, what we think is often based on an opinion of illusive information.

Rodeo Clown

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

He ran a gnarled hand

Through silver-streaked hair.

Arthritis caused pain,

Anguish and despair.


This year, he’d quietly

Turned age sixty-two.

His days as a clown

Were long since through.


Memories flooded back,

Playing tag with his mind,

Back through the years

To a much younger time.


Back then, he was the best…

The most agile around.

Someone better with bulls

Just couldn’t be found.


Rubbing his neck idly,

He gave a soft sigh.

Back then, he could rodeo,

Drink and tell lies.


He could jump over a bull’s rump,

Stop him dead in his tracks,

Then turn him aside

With a quick-handed whack.


He’d sure made it look easy.

There was never a school

To teach rodeo clowns

How to handle mean bulls.


Many a hard-riding cowboy

Was thrown high to fall flat.

They owed their health to the clown,

Plus a tip of the hat.


Many of those cowboys,

Rising up from the ground,

Will ride once again,

All thanks to the clown.


He makes it look so easy

While with danger he’ll flirt,

Keeping bull riders

From both injury and hurt.


The next time the rodeo

Comes into your town,

Watch over the action

Of the rodeo clown.


Maybe you’ll see

Another one there,

Running a pain-filled hand

Through his silvery hair.


There’s a twinkle in his eye —

His interest honed keen.

He’s watching the clowns

And the bull riding scene.


He’ll be wearing

An invisible crown

Because once he was king

Of the rodeo clowns.


This comes comes from Autumn Leaves:

His horse had a back like a cast iron grate,

along with a slew-footed, bone-jarring gait.

This greatly agitated the beans he had ate.


As he continued passing gas,

He knew he had to act fast

Before Mother Nature held sway.


Just up ahead was a cluster of trees

Where he could dismount and bend at the knees,

Letting Ole Mother Nature have her way.


Quickly leaping to the ground,

He glanced all around

And dropped his overalls down over his toes.


With instant, easing relief,

Which put an end to his grief,

Slim shouted, “Thar she blows!”


While shouting, he waved his arm,

Causing his horse to alarm.

It took off with a jack rabbit start.


With a stricken look of aghast

At his horse leaving fast,

All he could do was pass gas.


Now early this morning,

He’d left just at dawning

To begin this catastrophic caper.


Slim was overwrought

With a sickening thought…

He had forgotten to bring along paper!


Grabbing a handful of grass,

He made a quick pass

And began to pull his overalls up.


His pants got caught on his spurs,

And he started to fall,

Sprawled out like a three-legged pup.


Slim had been put to the test.

As the sun sunk in the West,

He turned his horse out to pasture to rest.


“Cookie,” said Slim with a wink,

“These troublesome events have a link

Which caused me to ponder and think.”


Slim hooked his thumbs in his overall jeans,

Grinned at the cook with a mischievous look,

And said, “I want to compliment you on your wonderful beans!”


Praise Him

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

When your heart troubles you, remember.

When you feel sad or lonely, remember.

When you need a true friend, remember.

When you are very heavy laden, remember.

Remember who came to give you rest.

Remember who gives you life forever.

Remember who died upon the cross for you.

Remember who shed His blood for our sins.

When you need direction and guidance, ask.

When you need help and healing, ask.

When you feel lost and need repentance, ask.

When you are faced with any problem, ask.

Ask and the way will be made straight.

Ask and the door will be opened.

Ask and it will be given willingly.

Ask and life will be given abundantly.

For the daily sunlight you walk in, praise Him.

For the food which nourishes your strength, praise Him.

For the sleep which renews you each morning, praise Him.

Praise Him in all things for thrice Holy is His Name.

Praise Him for He alone is found worthy.

Praise Him for He is exalted in Heaven and Earth.

Praise Him for all Honor and Glory as His forever and ever.


Imagination’s Loss

The all-seeing eye of the magical camera has

captured all the world’s great wonders,

making them small to the eye.

Radio and television have aided and abetted in this invasion.

A mind fed such a rich diet soon loses its imagination.

A rose picked from the vine quickly loses its beauty.

We are so busy with our electronic gadgets in every form,

that we no longer see our reality.

Are you willing to pause in your pursuits to see this truth?


Controversy encourages and spices up a conversation…

But, like any spice, add too much and you spoil the dish.

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