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Praise Him

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

When your heart troubles you, remember.

When you feel sad or lonely, remember.

When you need a true friend, remember.

When you are very heavy laden, remember.

Remember who came to give you rest.

Remember who gives you life forever.

Remember who died upon the cross for you.

Remember who shed His blood for our sins.

When you need direction and guidance, ask.

When you need help and healing, ask.

When you feel lost and need repentance, ask.

When you are faced with any problem, ask.

Ask and the way will be made straight.

Ask and the door will be opened.

Ask and it will be given willingly.

Ask and life will be given abundantly.

For the daily sunlight you walk in, praise Him.

For the food which nourishes your strength, praise Him.

For the sleep which renews you each morning, praise Him.

Praise Him in all things for thrice Holy is His Name.

Praise Him for He alone is found worthy.

Praise Him for He is exalted in Heaven and Earth.

Praise Him for all Honor and Glory as His forever and ever.



This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

Raindrops falling steadily

Splashing into dimpled pools,

Making soft music.

Countless tiny, wet bodies

Sacrifice themselves willingly

To give refreshing drink.

Suddenly, emerging sunlight

Brings a dazzling ending

To the falling slaughter.

A single droplet clings

To a leaf while straining

To join its fallen comrades.

Caught by a sun-lit ray,

Magnifying its brilliance —

‘Tis truly a most beautiful jewel.

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