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Autumn Leaves

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Father Time once again waves his wand,

Signaling season’s change.

Warm, sunny days surrender quietly

To oncoming snow and rain.


Leaves of multicolor profusion

Play tag upon the wind.

Her arms spread wide, Mother Earth

Awaits patiently for their flight to end.


Carried haphazardly by the winds

And scattered all around.

The winds die down, while leaves still fall,

Fluttering to the ground.


Mother Earth nurtured the trees that gave leaves birth,

Now she will stop and rest.

The leaves will decompose

In time to nurture Mother Earth.


Tree limbs now bare

Move in the wind like long but skinny whips.

Words take shape

And blend on the poet’s lips.


When leaves do fall and the wild goose calls

Backward from the fold,

Brings foreboding melancholy

Creeping o’er my soul.


Unknown to many,

Father Time has his secret reasons.

Falling leaves are just one way

He signals the changing seasons.


My life’s companion strolls beside me

Through the crisp, cold breeze.

We both exalt in season’s change

As we crunch through Autumn Leaves.

Rainbows and Waterfalls

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Stillness broken only by water sounds,

Cascading against the rock.


Time seems to linger here

As God’s watery finger turns back the clock.


I sit in awe at such magnificent wonder…

A rainbow adorns rising spray.


In my mind, as clear as chimes,

Haunting Indian flute notes linger far away.


An invisible hand, long before man,

Has carved and painted this land.


Man was then formed and given birth

To enjoy rainbows and waterfalls on Mother Earth.

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