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The Rainbow


While traveling home from work on a cloudy day,
Traffic caused my car to stop, so I paused to pray.
I was tired, and my mind was on overload,
But my spirit overruled my mind there upon the road.

Have you ever sensed His Presence and felt you’re not alone?
You feel free, without burden,
Because your sins have taken wings and flown.
Freedom at last, and the key word here is free!

When I opened my eyes, the traffic thinned, and the sun came out.
I experienced joy and wanted to shout.
The Promise was, is, and will never die:
Behold a beautiful rainbow, painted in the sky.

Not just any rainbow, I would have you understand,
For it soothed my mind and calmed my nerves
While refreshing my faith.
This beautiful rainbow was painted by my Master’s Hand.

It was, is, and shall always be,
Set against a cloud-filled sky:
A marvel to behold for all wondering eyes to see,
Until the sands of time through the hour glass run,
It’s there for you and me.

Random Thoughts

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Oh, Merry Go Round of life,

Treadmill of my dreams,

Concrete jungle,

Polluted Streams.


High-rise buildings blot out the sun,

Smog-filled air,

Slum sections teeming decay

And suppressed life, despair.


A question, urgently stirring

About wings spread and whirring.

Freedom to move in uncluttered space —

Tiny forms darting and blurring.


Will the swallows care to come back to Capistrano?


This thought comes from Autumn Leaves:


We have become so sophisticated that we bore

Ourselves and others around us.

We cannot find the pathway back to simplicity

Which frees our mind.

Could we find the path, we could laugh at simple jokes

And enjoy simple but pleasant times.

Final Metamorphosis

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

I’m soaring now,

All is well.

As I glance down

On a worn-out shell.

I hear moans and crying.

What’s it all about?

Everyone wants to weep,

Yet I wish to shout.

Inside, looking out,

Now I’m outside looking in.

Bright, fresh beginning,

Freedom without end.

No more headaches

Or pain exist here.

Fresh new world,

Full of laughter and cheer.

Over the old earthly cocoon

You weep and moan,

But transfiguration is complete —

The butterfly has flown.

Spirit form unfettered,

At last completely free,

So why all the sorrow?

At last, “I am free!”


This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


To move unfettered in air so rare and pure,

Beneath or above endless banks of clouds.

Unshackled to soar in mind and spirit

To remove earth’s burdensome shroud.


Could an eagle speak, would he

Hold us in contempt or in utter disdain,

Poor earth-bound creatures, animals of habit,

Foul air, daily tasks mundane.


Spread mighty silver wings,

Soar above the patch-work quilt pattern below.

Fly softly, free spirited,

But fly reverently as you go.


Diminished horizons, skies blue and clear,

Atmosphere charged with laughter,

Intangible, invisible

Because other spirits linger here.


To leave earth’s cluttered pull, to explore, to seek,

To know, to find lasting contentment,

To search out the truth of the universe

And to know God is man’s essence and ultimate destiny.

Ironic Circle

This poem is from Autumn Leaves:


The first men on our shores had freedom,

But little time to truly experience it

As they struggled to make their place and tame this big land.

Building, hunting, foraging, and planting consumed much of their energy,

But they had freedom.


Later, men struggled in chains,

Dying to secure richer lives for their owners.

Throughout their lives of trials and tribulations,

They held to their dreams tenaciously¬† —

Their dreams of freedom.


Later still, men fought and died by the thousands in great wars

To stop tyrants and secure freedom more concretely.

They fought, bled and died to uphold

Our country’s cherished principles,

But these men died, knowing freedom.


Even later, men who knew freedom’s sweetness and blessings

Let it erode because of greed, indifference,

Lust for material wealth and apathy.

Blinded by these pursuits,

They became disillusioned and let it slip away.


Ironic? Yes! Men who realized freedom,

But no time to fully appreciate it.

Men who didn’t have it and could only dream of its possession.

Men who knew it and died fighting to hold it.

Men without vision who let it slip away like a thief in the night.


This poem is in Autumn Leaves:

There! Do you see it? Is it still there?

A bright ray of light that splits the dark clouds of despair…

A ray of light brightly shining forth

Through the dark gloom of ignorance…

A ray of light bravely illuminating

And piercing the haze of hunger.

What is this light made of?

Where does it come from?

This bright brave light is composed of

Invisible substances called love,

Hope, dreams, tolerance and freedom.

It emanated from a piece of earth called America,

Conducted by a God-fearing people

Who left the darkness and live in the light.

This bright light cannot be extinguished

Because, once seen or heard of,

Shines into the hearts and minds of the tired,

Hungry and opposed people of the world.

Do you see it? Yes! Yes!

Thank God, it’s still there!

My Country–My Flag

This poem is from Autumn Leaves:

Unfurl my flag and let her fly

Over this place where I now lie.

Let her stars and stripes spank the breeze

Where I now lay and take my ease.

Thoughts of yesterday take wing and fly

Where her beauty adorned the sky.

A million teardrops from a million eyes

Shed over countless graves where brave men lie.

As she waves, I served with pride.

I lived to age while others died.

Others now must heed her call,

Shed their blood and give their all.

From coast to coast, a land so dear,

When I sought God, I found Him here.

When I died, it was not for naught,

Cause our flag stands for all He taught.

So unfurl my flag and let her fly

Over this land where I now lie.

Let her stars and stripes spank the breeze

Where I now lay and take my ease.

God bless America!

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