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The Rainbow


While traveling home from work on a cloudy day,
Traffic caused my car to stop, so I paused to pray.
I was tired, and my mind was on overload,
But my spirit overruled my mind there upon the road.

Have you ever sensed His Presence and felt you’re not alone?
You feel free, without burden,
Because your sins have taken wings and flown.
Freedom at last, and the key word here is free!

When I opened my eyes, the traffic thinned, and the sun came out.
I experienced joy and wanted to shout.
The Promise was, is, and will never die:
Behold a beautiful rainbow, painted in the sky.

Not just any rainbow, I would have you understand,
For it soothed my mind and calmed my nerves
While refreshing my faith.
This beautiful rainbow was painted by my Master’s Hand.

It was, is, and shall always be,
Set against a cloud-filled sky:
A marvel to behold for all wondering eyes to see,
Until the sands of time through the hour glass run,
It’s there for you and me.

What is Love?

This poem, which I wrote some years ago, comes from Autumn Leaves:

What is Love?

Is it the twinkle in a young puppy’s eyes?

Is it soft-spoken words of promise,

Bringing a pretty maiden’s sighs?


What is Love?

Is it the quiet, understanding look in a mother’s warm smile?

Or is it the sultry eyes of a temptress

Who seeks to beguile?


What is Love?

Is it two lovers locked in rapture’s sweet throes?

Is it devotion or poetry,

Emotion or prose?


What is Love?

I’ve searched long and hard, looking for the answer,

Piercing through volumes

Like a hard-charging lancer.


What is Love?

Everything I’ve read or heard reveals nothing conclusive.

The answer is existent,

But very elusive.


What is Love?

I don’t know the answer–I can honestly state.

If you know, please tell me.

It must be fantastically great!

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