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The Enchanted Forest

This is a story about a Princess who ran away from her duties, only to find a greater duty awaiting her as the story unfolds. She meets an old Elf, who gives her a magic wand. However, the wand comes with a price: She has to voluntarily agree to capture the evil Witch in order to unlock the wand’s greatest powers. How she resolves this issue and uses the wand is the basis of the unfolding of this story. This has a very happy ending. The story is written for the child in all of us to enjoy.You may buy it at:

The Enchanted Forest by [Welborn, W. Foster]

What is Love?

This poem, which I wrote some years ago, comes from Autumn Leaves:

What is Love?

Is it the twinkle in a young puppy’s eyes?

Is it soft-spoken words of promise,

Bringing a pretty maiden’s sighs?


What is Love?

Is it the quiet, understanding look in a mother’s warm smile?

Or is it the sultry eyes of a temptress

Who seeks to beguile?


What is Love?

Is it two lovers locked in rapture’s sweet throes?

Is it devotion or poetry,

Emotion or prose?


What is Love?

I’ve searched long and hard, looking for the answer,

Piercing through volumes

Like a hard-charging lancer.


What is Love?

Everything I’ve read or heard reveals nothing conclusive.

The answer is existent,

But very elusive.


What is Love?

I don’t know the answer–I can honestly state.

If you know, please tell me.

It must be fantastically great!


This poem appears in Autumn Leaves:

Feelings are but thought extension

Placed into feeble expression,

Sometimes poured out through touch or deed,

Or even mumbled confession.


Feelings are but emotions and desires,

Surfacing into reality,

Striving to achieve dreamed of destiny

Or to quench love’s raging fires.


Expressing them is often difficult,

Like handling fishhooks wearing gloves.

Overpowering, they sometimes help

With insistent, nudging shoves.


As one’s soul is purged by confession,

We learn a most valued lesson–

Our world would be painted shades of gray

Without our efforts at expression.

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