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This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


To move unfettered in air so rare and pure,

Beneath or above endless banks of clouds.

Unshackled to soar in mind and spirit

To remove earth’s burdensome shroud.


Could an eagle speak, would he

Hold us in contempt or in utter disdain,

Poor earth-bound creatures, animals of habit,

Foul air, daily tasks mundane.


Spread mighty silver wings,

Soar above the patch-work quilt pattern below.

Fly softly, free spirited,

But fly reverently as you go.


Diminished horizons, skies blue and clear,

Atmosphere charged with laughter,

Intangible, invisible

Because other spirits linger here.


To leave earth’s cluttered pull, to explore, to seek,

To know, to find lasting contentment,

To search out the truth of the universe

And to know God is man’s essence and ultimate destiny.


This poem appears in Autumn Leaves:

Feelings are but thought extension

Placed into feeble expression,

Sometimes poured out through touch or deed,

Or even mumbled confession.


Feelings are but emotions and desires,

Surfacing into reality,

Striving to achieve dreamed of destiny

Or to quench love’s raging fires.


Expressing them is often difficult,

Like handling fishhooks wearing gloves.

Overpowering, they sometimes help

With insistent, nudging shoves.


As one’s soul is purged by confession,

We learn a most valued lesson–

Our world would be painted shades of gray

Without our efforts at expression.

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