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This poem is in Autumn Leaves:

There! Do you see it? Is it still there?

A bright ray of light that splits the dark clouds of despair…

A ray of light brightly shining forth

Through the dark gloom of ignorance…

A ray of light bravely illuminating

And piercing the haze of hunger.

What is this light made of?

Where does it come from?

This bright brave light is composed of

Invisible substances called love,

Hope, dreams, tolerance and freedom.

It emanated from a piece of earth called America,

Conducted by a God-fearing people

Who left the darkness and live in the light.

This bright light cannot be extinguished

Because, once seen or heard of,

Shines into the hearts and minds of the tired,

Hungry and opposed people of the world.

Do you see it? Yes! Yes!

Thank God, it’s still there!

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