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This poem is from Autumn Leaves:

To each is given his portion of elixir

Or ambrosia of life,

And, like high-test rocket fuel,

Propels us in all endeavors, happiness and strife.


Changing tides bring flotsam and driftwood

Up from ocean’s deep measure,

Casting them on beaches to bleach white

And await nature’s further pleasure.


Thistle puffballs, blown by winds of change,

Are swirled and elevated,

Waiting patiently for sun and rain,

Settling quietly to earth, tempest’s flight abated.


Earthquake, flood and blizzard are

Simply nature’s greater forces,

Instilling awe, humbling man to an unknown source,

And given time, purges all from her chosen course.


Death ends all life, choosing no sides,

As force of nature erupts and collides.

Time is the unrelenting referee

In command of sun, moon, seasons and tides.


Flowers bloom, birds nest, and fish spawn.

Sunrise heralds another dawn.

Earth, streams, and ocean relinquish their bounty twain.

By His grace, the cycle starts once again.

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