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Young Again

This poem is in Autumn Leaves:


Pleasingly spread at forty-five,

No longer part of your dreams,

Nor is the way you bulge out

And cram those designer jeans.


Now you wish a new sensation…

To belong to the “Pepsi” generation.

You watch young ladies bending on the tube,

Jazzercizing without cessation.


The night belongs to Michelob;

Young lovers walk the street.

You bend, twist, and sweat

To a frenzied beat.


Madison Avenue ad men

Use every gambit to get you to try it.

Out comes the faithful MasterCard,

And you’re on another diet.


At last, here you stand so shapely,

I’d say a perfect ten.

If you don’t work hard daily,

That old five’ll sneak back again.


Regardless of the outcome,

I’ll still be around,

To support you in your efforts

And love your every pound.

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