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The Seedlings

My new e-book, The Seedlings, is now available on Kindle:

This is a tale which begins with the result of the ultimate mistakes of mankind – nuclear devastation – but there is survival of a small element of mankind in an underground city in a remote northeast quadrant of what once was the United States of America. It is a story of hope and all that is best in us – creativity, love, and intelligence – which begins life anew. It is also a story of power, control, and greed for some, and mere struggle, work and existence for others. There are two classes of people: The Elite, who rule, make the laws, and enjoy a higher standard of living, and the Drudges, who do all the manual labor. Zacharias Simeon, Drudge # 1492, has spirit and intelligence. Cassius Gaius is an Elite male with an extraordinary ego. Lillian Augustus is a smart and beautiful Elite maiden. This is their story. A life-changing event occurs when Zach accidentally finds a Holy Bible amidst the desolation outside the city. This Old Chronicle, unknown to all the survivors, will start to affect many in the Drudge population. It will also begin to rewrite the future of many because faith and choice are once again made a possibility for all, as is hope and love.

To purchase this e-book, click the link:

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