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Life Styles

This poem is from Autumn Leaves:

Bright lights, music shattering to the ears,

Slick talk, designer dress, disco crowd,

Meaningless talk among peers,

Different life style for the young-at-heart.


Four-star restaurant, soft music, silver service,

Opulence to the tenth degree,

Works of art, big mansions, fine cars,

Wealth and life style for all to see.


Eyes downcast, ragged clothes, empty stomach,

No place for a weary head.

Cold streets, lonely hours, empty future,

Lost dreams, no roots, another day of dread.

Life styles of street people and drifters–

Whose dreams and hopes are dead.


Every day, same old thing,

Week in, week out, same routine.

Strength of hand, sweat of brow,

Make the payments on the bills somehow.

Year in, year out, rain or snow–

Life style of the workers who make the country go.




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