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This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Oh, so still is the night,

Peaceful, yet hushed in quiet,

And bathed in a single star’s light,

Oh, Bethlehem!


Time gives a greater Light birth

That will shine throughout the Earth,

Though hosting this event — not by whim,

Remembered forever, Bethlehem!


Time does not stand still for man,

Endless hourglass measures sand,

Remembering again David’s stem,

Born in you, Bethlehem.


Many years ago and far away,

We still celebrate that day,

A Light that darkness cannot dim…

A Savior born in you, Oh, Bethlehem.


This poem is from Autumn Leaves:

I’ll never be a big star, shining on millions where they roam,

But I can be a small candlelight in the darkness,

Helping to guide one solitary figure home.

This is the idea behind why I write, for there is always some good idea that is transmitted. Enjoy!

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