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Did You Ever Really Live?

It’s not how much you get

Nor how much you give.

A more important question begs an answer:

During all your endeavors, did you ever really live?


Working hard for wealth,

Recognition, or simply trying to be,

You paid a heavy price in time, stress, and aging

Because nothing comes for free.


We all work and struggle for our children,

Hoping they’ll accomplish more than we.

We want them to have a better life than us,

Yet nothing is for free.


Life teaches hard lessons.

Can knock you to your knees.

Never giving in but getting up

Is but one of a successful life’s keys.


We were put here for a purpose.

Many may not understand.

To do our best during our test,

Maybe lend a helping hand.


Some are doctors, lawyers, brokers,

Paupers or kings wearing a crown.

Others were musicians, writers,

Or poets of renown.


It was given to you freely.

It’s therefore yours to decide,

But one last thought I’ll venture

If you will abide.


You’ve worked so hard for others,

Please don’t die with your music still inside.

Music Notes



This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Thoughts locked in transparent time warp

Struggle and search for an outlet.

Agonizing effort to render expression,

Lapse into gnawing, frustrated silence.


Moments earlier, a single thought

Crystallizes into unfragmented clarity,

Sinks back into an abyss of grey matter,

Suffocated by wandering mind clutter.


Multicolored patterns ebb and flow,

Aimlessly, without purpose or reason,

Fluttering a boat on silent wings

Into a gulf stream of infinity.


Because it’s gone, it’s lost,

Never again to be recalled

Or formed into the uttered word,

But, did it ever really matter?

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