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This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

Rock-covered water,

Cold, chuckling creek

Splashes, tumbles happily,

Almost lulls me to sleep.

Reclining on green grass,

Warm sun on my face,

Nature working magic

Hectic schedules to erase.

Beauty surrounds me —

All surely heaven sent.

Pine-laden air,

Spruce trees generously lent.

Mind relaxed,

Mountains seem to tower.

Each minute thus spent

Prolongs life by an hour.

Red-tailed hawk above

Surveys this lovely span.

Makes one glad to be alive,

Glad to be a man.

I’ll think with sympathy

Of those left far behind,

Facing traffic snarls,

Smog, or waiting in a line.

But, then, they may like neon lights,

Consider it great fun.

I’ll give them a thought anyway

As I soak up the sun.

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