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Together At Last

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


We’ve traveled many miles,

Both you and I,

Always searching

For when and why.


Our pathways meandered

In different directions,

Overcoming many obstacles,

Mixed with objections.


Dark clouds and emotions

Fulfilled our days,

As we struggled along

Our own separate ways.


The hunger never died,

Instead it actually grew,

Propelling us forward

As life turned its screw.


Let others hoot and moan

Their pitiful dirge,

Because, by mere chance,

Our pathways did merge.


Together we stand

As a powerful shield,

Radiating sunshine’s rays

Which we both wield.


What’s mine is yours;

What’s yours is mine.

We know “who” we are;

Let the others mark time.


Let’s not say forever,

Who can fathom that deep?

Today is enough…

Forever ours to keep.

Silent Tribute

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Shrouded mist,

Bagpipe dirge,

Mournful notes

Oe’r heath and verge.


Spirit departs,

Yet not alone,

Presence felt

Although it’s gone.


Last note falls

Like a gentle kiss,

Wafting through

Thickened mist.


Note wears thin,

No longer heard.

Break not this silence

With spoken word.

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