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I Am

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


That which refreshes my soul.

That which renews my life.

That which gives life meaning.

That which gives purpose to existence.


That which gives center, balance,

Quietly directing our pathways.

That which our consciousness innately

Understands is right or wrong.


That which is beautiful from any angle,

In any light, from any distance.

That which cannot be changed, disfigured,

Or transformed into anything but beautiful.


That which is true to life forever.

That which lives in truth throughout eternity.

That which brings peaceful serenity

As it strips away falsehoods by knowledge.


That which makes the unique, alone,

Thrills us, yet challenges us onward.

That in us which cannot be denied

But accepted and exalted in reverence.


The I AM of the Universe, Father of Lights,

The Alpha and Omega, first and last,

Which lived, died, yet lives again forevermore.

That is what we recognize in ourselves! HIM!


Glorify His Name in all places, at all times

That your days may be long, your peace steady.

Praise Him in all things, for all blessings.

Place your feet upon the path and follow HIM!

Together At Last

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


We’ve traveled many miles,

Both you and I,

Always searching

For when and why.


Our pathways meandered

In different directions,

Overcoming many obstacles,

Mixed with objections.


Dark clouds and emotions

Fulfilled our days,

As we struggled along

Our own separate ways.


The hunger never died,

Instead it actually grew,

Propelling us forward

As life turned its screw.


Let others hoot and moan

Their pitiful dirge,

Because, by mere chance,

Our pathways did merge.


Together we stand

As a powerful shield,

Radiating sunshine’s rays

Which we both wield.


What’s mine is yours;

What’s yours is mine.

We know “who” we are;

Let the others mark time.


Let’s not say forever,

Who can fathom that deep?

Today is enough…

Forever ours to keep.

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