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He Lives!

He walked among us over rocky pathways

Many long years ago.

The message He brought was the one He taught

To free us and let us know.


Numbered among transgressors,

Beaten and scorned with shame.

He shouldered false accusations bravely

And never placed the blame.


Not happy with His suffering,

They sentenced Him to death.

They nailed Him to a cross

To draw His last earthly breath.


He was buried in a sepulcher

Which was hewn in stone.

Women prepared His body for eternal rest

And left Him all alone.


Just as the prophecy had foretold,

The stone was rolled aside:

Three days later, our Savior arose

To ascend and forever to abide.


The ultimate sacrifice for our sins –

A price we could not pay –

Was paid in full by our Savior.

Each year, we celebrate this act on each Easter Day.


Happy Easter, Everyone!

W. Foster Welborn

Boring Words

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


Mumbo, Jumbo! Mumbo, Jumbo!

Monotone; loud and clear,

Bouncing off hallowed walls,

Bouncing off my ear.


Ears hear the words, but then,

They don’t really listen.

There are words and words, piled on top of words,

Yet the message is somehow missing.


To class you go, anticipation aglow,

Completely, academically gird.

Oh, Boy! What joy! You hear words,

And words, on top of words.


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