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This poem is from Autumn Leaves:


Anger that bubbles

Like a pot on a fire,

Feeds inward on itself.


Simmering hotter and hotter,

It feeds on misunderstanding, lies, innuendo,

Which fans passion into a white hot heat that no extinguisher can quench.


Finally, the fire burns itself out

To be replaced by cold, lifeless ashes

Of remorse, suspicion and questionable motives.


Mind barriers are then erected to protect

Self-righteous indignation of the experience,

Which no spoken or written communication can demolish.


Like a coral reef it builds,

Layer upon layer,

Hardened, fortified–impenetrable!


Such is Anger!

Then anger mellows into bitterness,

And once there, dies a cold, lonely death.

The Veils

This poem is from Autumn Leaves:


Layers of veils

Drawn over the mind,

Shut out light of knowledge,

Shielding hope from mankind.

The first one blots out charity,

It’s called the veil of “Greed.”

The second is called “Suspicion,”

And curtails doing good deeds.

The third one is “Jealousy and Envy,”

Stops our hearts from being kind.

The fourth is “Indifference and Falsehood,”

Makes people follow along blind.

The fifth is the darkest–

It’s simply known as “Hate,”

Yet the shining light

Of Love can penetrate.

Regardless of how tightly

These veils are drawn,

They can be opened by Knowledge

As night surrenders to dawn.

Ever so slowly now,

The veils begin to part.

Understanding rushes in, beginning to win,

Over the mind and into the heart.

At last they’re completely open,

Not able to stand Love’s bright decree.

The harsh light of Truth assisted,

And together they set you free.

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