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Simple Man’s Prayer

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


High-tech world of fast food, fast cars,

And I, a simple man,

Have a “Rock” to lean on,

And He will understand.


This hectic pace I’ll leave behind,

To search out a secret place.

There I’ll tell it on the mountain

As I seek His saving grace.


I’ll not ask for riches,

Not even a touch of glory.

He knows I’m a simple man —

My life’s an open story.


I’ll ask him to send some sunshine,

Just one tiny ray,

To pierce the dark of ignorance,

Chasing the clouds away.


Next, I’ll thank Him for our birthright —

This great, wonderful land.

There’s much more that could be said,

But then, I’m a simple man.


I’ll thank him for listening,

For letting me have my say.

In closing, I’ll praise His precious name,

And lastly, I’ll wish Him a happy day.

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