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Simple Man’s Prayer

This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:


High-tech world of fast food, fast cars,

And I, a simple man,

Have a “Rock” to lean on,

And He will understand.


This hectic pace I’ll leave behind,

To search out a secret place.

There I’ll tell it on the mountain

As I seek His saving grace.


I’ll not ask for riches,

Not even a touch of glory.

He knows I’m a simple man —

My life’s an open story.


I’ll ask him to send some sunshine,

Just one tiny ray,

To pierce the dark of ignorance,

Chasing the clouds away.


Next, I’ll thank Him for our birthright —

This great, wonderful land.

There’s much more that could be said,

But then, I’m a simple man.


I’ll thank him for listening,

For letting me have my say.

In closing, I’ll praise His precious name,

And lastly, I’ll wish Him a happy day.


This poem comes from Autumn Leaves:

Tightly closed against morning chill,

Holding essence tight like in-drawn breath,

Waiting for an unknown time

On an invisible clock to steal.

Who can fathom such silent wonder,

But stand in awe and ponder?

Majestic in crawling, slow motion,

Thrilling beauty to overflowing portion.

Arms now unfold in radiant bliss,

Greeting sunshine with a fragrant kiss.

Translucent petals, gorgeous disclose,

Sun’s warm rays now caress the rose.

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